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First, lets look at the title. Using the term “Pillow Angel” is an obvious attempt at dehumanization. These children are not “angels,” they are children. The proper title should be “The Ashley Treatment for the well being of our disabled children.” The art of dehumanization has been perfected over the millennia to allow one to fight wars, euthanize, and destroy cultures and people. Seeing others as less than human, or just simply not human, makes it easier to control or manipulate them.

She is not an “angel,” she is a human being, and needs to be treated as such. In this country, in this culture, in this time, we do not force surgery upon fellow humans, other people, especially untested surgery on an unknown diagnosis. Do not de-personalize her by using emotional words, she is a PERSON, a human being.

2 thoughts on “The Title

  1. She may be human, but her disability condition limits her to doing all things human in many ways. She is disabled for the rest of her life and therefore depends on closed ones to take care of her.
    No one is trying to dehumanize Ashley. She can’t make her own decisions on what surgeries to have due to the fact that mentally she is, and always will be, at the stage of infancy. Her family decided to perform given surgeries to comfort her life; to make it easier and to reduce stress for her.
    The term “Angel” is used to describe her delicate mental condition. She is like an angel because she has the mind of an infant, an innocent little baby. Her condition doesn’t allow to be treated like a real human being. The term “Angel” shouldn’t be used as if she’s brain dead.

  2. In my opinion Ashley’s parents did what was best for their daughter. Yes it may seem like they invaded Ashley’s rights but if you examine her condition closely it will become obvious that Ashley can not decide for herself. I myself have Mild Cerebral Palsy and I understand how my family would want the best life for me. Ashley’s parents did this for the comfort of their daughter. With a severe physical disability it is always stressful for the caregiver as well as the patient affected. If affected people are allowed to grow to their maxium height they will most likely suffer from constant pain later in life. With a condition like Ashley’s I think it would be justifiable for Ashley’s parents to have put her through this treatment. Nowhere on the family’s website does it say that the treatment is for the caregivers’ sake. The family did this purely for Ashley. If Ashley was able to comprehend what happened to her she would probably thank her family.

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