hysterThe mention of a “tiny” uterus is to attract your emotions, make the surgery seem trivial, as is the mention of “almond size” glands above. This is surgery, period. It has risks. Who is to say that the young lady will have pain and cramping upon menstruation? Not all women do. What is the issue with bleeding? She will be wearing a diaper anyway, that is moot. Eliminating the possibility of pregnancy? How will she get pregnant, unless she is raped (I assume she will not choose a lover) and rape can still happen (this hearkens back to the comment on sexualization with regards to her breasts). To eliminate pregnancy, just tie her tubes or other much less invasive procedure. And yes, it will eliminate the chance of uterine cancer, so why not remove a lung to halve her risk of lung cancer? Why not remove her vulva since that is another cancer site, and why not just close up her vagina since there will be no need for it anymore and eliminate the chance for vaginal infections and rape? Why stop at the “tiny uterus”?

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