Ashley’s Condition


This is vital, her condition as expressed by her father. Read this carefully. Note the first line “remains undiagnosed.” He is expressly saying that neither he, nor medical science, knows what is actually wrong with Ashley. The etiology is unknown. She does not have a known syndrome or condition. His claim. Hence there is NO way to predict the future.

Then the first bullet, “Permanently Unabled” which are words he has made up. This is NOT a diagnosis, it IS an OPINION. How can he say she “will not improve” if in fact there is no diagnosis? Where is the proof? You do not do surgeries and treatment on a hunch. Then it says “infant level mentally & physically” which is a guess as to where her mental abilities are. She may not be able to communicate but there is no way to measure her understanding of the world, especially her environment. It may not be on an infant level. “… and will not improve” with this he is saying she will not improve mentally, yet there is no diagnosis or etiology so it is a guess. He also says she will not improve physically, again a guess, or a self-fulfilling prophecy due to the surgery and hormone treatments.

The next two bullets have the same issue, how can he have an expectation of size if he does not know what is wrong with her? And her lifespan? Again, an OPINION of her father. Additionally, you do multiple surgeries on this young lady based on YOUR EXPECTATIONS of the future?

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  1. I am not sure why you are attacking the father as if he is the doctor who makes all the diagnosis. Some people explain situations in the way they understood it. There is no saying that the words he used in describing her condition are precisely the words that the physician explained to him. Her condition may be diagnosed, but they didn’t make those surgeries due to a “hunch”. To find out what was Ashley’s condition and figure out why she stopped developing mentally after a certain stage they had to undergo many tests and researching. You can’t be so naïve to think that they just took one look at her, and then decided on the surgeries. They had to perform a test every couple months to determine where she’s at with developing physically and mentally. What you’re trying to say is that her family just “settled” for a condition, to make it easier for themselves. You don’t know that.

  2. In fact it takes a long time for parents of severely disabled children to come to terms with the fact that their children will never develop past a certain point. Ashley’s parents waited until she was nine. You just have no clue how disabled she is, you look at her and think, “oh she’s smiling in that picture, surely there is hope that she will suddenly start developing normally, how dare these parents think otherwise?” Most of a persons development happens in the first five years of life. Yes she may be able to continue to make marginal developments, maybe she’ll be able to grasp with her hands a little better, or turn her head a little more easily, but by nine years old you can be fairly certain how she’ll never be able to stand or walk, or feed herself, or use a toilet. It doesn’t matter whether she has a diagnoses or not, the vast majority of severely disabled children don’t, but doctors are still able to make reasonable prognosis’s.

  3. I am “attacking” the father because these are his words. I would not attack the doctor, he apparently, and very sadly, committed suicide within a year of the surgery. I would not attack the hospital, a court of law already told them that some of their actions in this case were illegal. It is the father who wrote that powerpoint slide and I am discussing his words.

  4. I would ignore the grhucoy comment from Ka Ax. Possibly jealous? I think you look amazing and are an inspiration to others facing a struggle with their weight. I actually just shared the video with a friend who is on the way to losing 100lbs, so far he is down 27! Great job, I’m sure you just added 40 years to your life! )

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