This site is not an attack on Ashley nor her family, if anything it is in defense of Ashley.  It is against the visual slide that her father has created to proselytize, to try to get others to agree with this procedure. The information on the slide needs to be discussed, analyzed and taken for what it is. Everything posted on the blog is offered as my OPINION. Take it for what it is worth. Also note that the hospital has admitted that the procedure was done outside of the law and a necessary court order was never obtained.

I am a single parent of a severely disabled young lady, in case that matters to you. She is non-mobile, non-verbal, severely disabled, severely delayed. Additionally, since this information is fully appropriate in the light of the words on the slide, my daughter is large breasted, has her period, is full grown, and is easily and lovingly cared for. If her dad can do it alone, you can do it with a family, sans surgery.

See my post on Psychology Today.

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